K'Syrah Catering and Events | FAQ

Q: Is your venue an indoor or outdoor venue?

A:  Our venue is both an indoor and outdoor over 3500 square foot venue. 


Q: How many people does the venue hold for a dinner reception?

A:  Our venue can hold over 200 people for a dinner party. This would mean filling every section of the space (indoor and outdoor) with tables and chairs. For wedding receptions, where open space is preferred for cocktail hour and a dance floor, DJ area, and photo booth, we tend to max out at 150 to leave enough room. We have the ability to add tents to the back parking lot areas for additional seating or open space and can do lounge areas in the outside parking spots as well. Give us a call and we can discuss in further detail the options available to you.

Q: How many people does the venue hold for a ceremony?

A:  We have three areas for ceremonies. The front garden patio with the barn door can seat up to 75, or 85 with some guests standing. The inside dining room space with the fireplace and bar can seat up to 90. The back semi-enclosed patio can seat up to 110. Most clients have their ceremony in the front patio or inside dining room so that the back semi-enclosed patio can be set and ready for the dinner reception. When an extensive space ‘flip’ is required with moving of tables and chairs, additional fees may apply.

Q: Is there a site fee in addition to food and beverage costs?

A:  No way. We are happy to offer our space to our clients free of a venue site fee. We only have food and beverage minimum expenditures for use of the entire venue or specific spaces within the venue. These prices range based on the day or the week, event time and month. Our venue fact sheet spells out the minimums further as well as all of the items we include with our space like tables, chairs, china, glassware, service staff and more!

Q: Is there a full bar?

A:  We do have full bar options available at our venue, and a gorgeous Sycamore bar we made by hand from Sycamore wood sourced in Los Olivos! We have many options available to you based on the selections you would like served and your budget. 


Q: Do you offer buffet-style catering?

A:  We do offer buffet lunch and dinner service, and our guests love the option to help themselves as often as they’d like during service. We provide hand-made reclaimed wood chaffing dishes, buffet signage, and all serving utensils. Our team mans the buffet to answer any questions your guests might have.


Q: Can we Use outside bakeries for dessert at the venue? 

A:  Yes! We allow outside dessert vendors and are happy to receive the order the day of the event, set up desserts, provide plates and utensils, and cut and serve. There is a small cake cutting/dessert service fee that may apply. We also offer our own hand-made dessert options that can be served as a dessert buffet or plated.


Q: What are the music restrictions?

A:  We allow amplified music at our venue, be it live bands or DJ’s. We do need to move all amplified music indoors and close our windows and doors past 10 PM. Music can continue until the end of the event, as late as 1:30 AM.


Q: Can I reserve the venue without using catering services?

A:  Yes! For guests who want to rent the venue only or bring in their own catering, our venue can be rented without using our catering or bar services. Pricing is detailed in the venue fact sheet.


Q: How late Can our event go?

A:  We can have events go up until 1:30 AM at our venue, with amplified music indoors only past 10 PM. For late night events with 100 guests or more, additional security may need to be provided at an additional fee.


Q: Do you offer family-style serving?

A:  Yes! It's one of our favorite service styles and always very popular with our clients! In lieu of plated dinner service, clients prefer family-style service since it creates a wonderful environment where guests connect sharing food, much like how families share holiday meals. There is an abundance of cuisine for all to have as much as they would like.  The cuisine is ensured to come out fresh and hot, versus plated service where quality can be sacrificed during the time it takes to plate multiple meals.


Q: Is a serving staff included in the pricing?

A:  We always offer impeccable, efficient and friendly full-service event staff for our events. We are not only focused on the food service, but also there to assist in the entire event execution. For catered off-site events we add a service fee to cover all front-of-house and kitchen staff as well as our portable kitchen.


Q: Do you have a mobile kitchen?

A:  We own two portable commercial kitchens that we take with us to all catering events (when food and beverage minimum is met) at no additional charge. Owning our own equipment ensures the ability to cook our cuisine to perfection in equipment we are familiar with, and saves our clients from hefty kitchen rental costs. It ensures our food is fresh, like you are eating in a restaurant, versus transporting food in hot boxes. It also allows the chance to adjust to any changing timelines with ease.


Q: What do you provide for off-site catering?

A:  We provide our full-service portable commercial kitchen, all tables, kitchen canopies, scullery equipment, and kitchen tables. We provide all family-style and buffet serveware as well as trays and platters for appetizer service. In the Southern California area, we also provide china, utensils, linen tablecloths and napkins, water goblets and coffee mugs (at an additional service fee). In the Central Coast area, we can provide these items when requested at an additional fee.